Standard Size Kitchen Cabinets

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Terrific Standard Cabinet Dimensions Available From Most Cabinet Suppliers Photo is Other Parts of Standard Size Kitchen Cabinets

If you can install Standard Size Kitchen Cabinets yourself in your kitchen remodeling project, you will end up surprised how much you can save. By installing Standard Size Kitchen Cabinets on your own, you can save yourself thousands, and can put that cash saved towards some upgrades in your new kitchen, for example high end appliances, top notch counter-tops, custom cabinets, or possibly a new floor.

However, there are several crucial sides of your kitchen cabinet installation you need to be aware of. If you’ve no idea concerning where to start in terms of installing Standard Size Kitchen Cabinets, then I will be glad to give you some pointers.

To install Standard Size Kitchen Cabinets, you are likely to take some basic power and hand tools to accomplish the project. These include a corded and cordless drill, table saw or circular saw, belt sander or handheld planer, jig saw, hand plane, a countersink bit, hammer, stud finder, clamps, four foot level and various sized drill bits.

Once you’ve determined design of your new kitchen, and also have found the high point of the bottom, then you’re ready to your kitchen cabinet installation. To begin, you should begin with the corner wall cabinet. Locate the framing behind a cabinet location utilizing a stud finder, and mark the stud locations around the wall. Next, you should transfer those measurements towards the backside of a cabinet, or best, transfer the stud locations towards the inside of a cabinet and drill each location from the back of the corner wall cabinet utilizing a, 11/64″ drill bit. Make sure that the holes are drilled from the hanging strip located at the top and the bottom of a cabinet.

Installing Standard Size Kitchen Cabinets plumb and level is extremely important,because as you progress with the run of the cabinets, any small imperfection within the levelness of the first cabinet installed will be accentuated with each and every proceeding cabinet. When you install Standard Size Kitchen Cabinets in your new kitchen, take additional time to ensure that these are installed level and plumb. Trust me, you will have easier time using your kitchen cabinet installation with the time to do this.

You will have to shim the corner cabinet to where it really is perfectly level and plumb. Get the first cabinet perfect, and the rest of the cabinets will basically get into to set, as they say. This is not to express that you won’t need to ensure that these are level and plumb at the same time, however you will not have the issue of trying to modify to the previous cabinet installed incorrectly.

Another point that I should make here about installing Standard Size Kitchen Cabinets is to ensure that you remove the doors and the interior shelves prior to deciding to try and hang them around the wall. Not only will this make sure they are much easier to handle, it’ll keep your chances of damaging the doors down, which by the way, will be the priciest component of a cabinet.

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